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The Food Guru is a comprehensive database that contains a wealth of information about hundreds of food types. It's all here, including tips for selecting and storing your ingredients for best results. The best part of the Food Guru is that you can search in many different ways depending on your motivation.

From Agave Syrup to Zucchini, this is your A-Z one stop food information source.

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Featured Video - Grapes

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A brief introduction

One of the oldest cultivated plants in history. Grapes for wine-making date back to Egyptian times. Today grapes are the world's largest fruit crop, with grapes being made into wine, dried fruit, grapeseed oil and, of course, eaten raw. Many people, including myself, look forward to late summer when there is an abundance of fresh, green seedless grapes in the markets.

Grapes are a berry. The most common grape is the sultana grape. The Black Muscat is a dark, very sweet, soft flesh grape with tough skin. There are other coloured grapes available generally not referred to by name.